A Statement From the Diversity and Inclusion Council 

Diversity and inclusion must be as much a priority for the CEO and the senior team as our people, service, quality, growth, and finances. 

Diversity and inclusion can not be left to chance or delegated to one person in one office with resources and support.  It must align and integrate with all aspects of the organization and business.  It must be viewed with the same accountability and importance as every other aspect of your organization or maybe be more so. 


Diversity and inclusion involve the people in a way that captures the heard with commitment and accountability.  It is about engaging people with respect and appreciation. Accepting diversity allows for employees to express all that they bring to the table in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It means understanding one another, not just tolerating one another but valuing each other.  Diversity encourages people to embrace and celebrate the richness that helps organizations achieve better profitable results. 


A culture of inclusion recognizes, accepts, and affirms all people.  Organizations that build inclusive cultures become sought after places to work and places of high achievement for all. Inclusion engages each individual and makes them feel a part of something larger than themselves which helps to achieve organizational goals and metrics.


Dr. Craig Froehle, University of Cincinnati; adapted by Dr. E. J. R. David, Psychology Today, March 7, 2019