March 2021 Spotlight 

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Better Together.

In early 2020, the two largest hospice companies in South Carolina (Hospice Care of South Carolina and Agape Hospice) combined to form Agape Care. Two strong cultures, two processes, two leadership teams and two frontline teams married to become the company we are today. From the beginning, we knew we were Better Together.  In June of 2020, we launched our new brand along with our Mission, Vision and Values for our newly blended company.

When developing our Values, we set out to focus on the qualities we expect from our top leaders all the way down to the front line team members who work every day to help us achieve our Mission: To serve with love, providing comfort and support through compassionate care and meaningful experiences. One of those Values is Pursue Diversity: Commit to incorporating different backgrounds, views, and experiences as advantages to our learning and growth.

Agape Care believes America’s business community can no longer avert its eyes to the profound racial and economic inequities that have long burdened our country. We are determined to be a part of the positive change that our country is demanding, and we believe it is essential to lead in this moment to ensure this time is different and that real, lasting positive change occurs.

We are committed to working with our employees, policy makers, and partners to advance racial justice and equity. Words must be met with action. Using our positions of leadership, economic power and voice as the largest hospice provider in the state, Agape Care is taking the following steps:

  1. Supporting local initiatives across South Carolina to support action on racial equity and inclusion.

  2. Contracted with an outside consultant to help assess and develop a response plan to any identified opportunities

  3. Created a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Counsel that is interdisciplinary and representative of our teams across the state, to better give a voice and feedback to organizational initiatives.

  4. Started with Senior Leadership in emphasizing the importance of racial justice and engage employees, suppliers, and partners with clear statements of values.

  5. Challenged ourselves to further broaden our diversity footprint by targeting diversity among management, employees, and suppliers.

At Agape Care, we employ diverse team members from all racial identities, religious and cultural backgrounds. We also care for patients and families in all communities of our state. Our focus enables us to build a culture where our team members have the opportunity to grow and contribute to the success of our company as a whole. We are committed to continuously developing and fostering an environment that encompasses inclusion as well as treating every team member with dignity and respect.

As we search for top tier talent to join our team, we are committed to offering equal opportunities for professional growth and success for current and future team members. Today, tomorrow and beyond, we strive to be the employer of choice championing a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion through our policies, actions and daily practice.